Ceramic tile flooring


Limitless designs to choose with custom inlays for floors and walls, kitchens, bathrooms, entry ways, large interior/outside areas - domestic or commercials projects.  

Natural stone flooring

Slate, marble, limestone, travertine, and granite can be a highly versatile surface/wall covering for an added richness to any project

$8/sq ft

Labor Rates

$7/sq ft

$6/sq ft

 Parquet/hardwood flooring


Available in modern as well as European designs both a planks and tiles.  Custom and intricate designs are also available.  Materials can be secured at various price points to fit any budget.

We offer all flooring types to meet your needs and to help turn your dream house into your dream home with the look and feel you want in every room.     

Featured products


A Room


Let us work with you to design the perfect room, using the beauty of tile/wood/glass ...